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The world known philosopher, author and lecturer, Dr Herbert L Beierle, is dean of a complex of highly respected colleges and universities in the United States. He is founder of the Church of God Unlimited, the University of Healing and the University of Philosophy in Campo, California. His philosophy teaches oneness of god and the divinity in all men. He teaches man's inherent perfection.

Dr Beierle was educated at Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the University of Chicago and the Chicago Theological Seminary, Unity School of Christianity in Lee's Summit Missouri and United Church of Religious Science, Los Angeles, California.

Following successful careers as a leading journalist, writer and publisher of newspapers and magazines; he is a recognized professional in the religion, education and business throughout North America, Dr Beierle turned his intellectual talents and his fulltime attention to the field of metaphysical philosophy. He dedicates his life to living these principles. The professor now shares his philosophy throughout the world in universities, colleges, institutes, academies, schools, civic, social groups and through the public media of magazines, newspapers, radio and televisions. His Russian presentations at the University of Moscow and University of Leningrad, and Charles University in Prague and many other seminars in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Africa caused such a clamor for his teachings in Europe, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, China and Asia he travels the world on this sharing mission.

He works with patients in medical and mental hospitals throughout the United States and Europe, confidant and friend of Astronauts, film personalities, politicians on every level of public management, and business and professional geniuses in every economic persuasion, Dr Beierle and his selfawareness philosophy have found eager adherents from every walk of life. The teachings apply themselves equally well to all-executives, educators, religious leaders, young and old for a better quality of life.

The teachings of Dr Beierle catalyze the ill who would know health, the weak who would be strong, the great who would be wiser. His mark on the universe is already made and he leaves the world immeasurably better for his passing through.

Essentially Dr Beierle shares that everyone is born perfect. Everyone can call forth this perfection in his being to enjoy a more satisfying life and pure fulfilling relationships with others. Everyone is the master of his world. Dr Beierle explains how each may express this mastership to enjoy harmony in his life. His philosophical teaching is the original purity and simplicity of all great ageless universal teachings.

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